Veronika Bílková exclusivly at Weissenhaus

only from 06th untill 17th July 2020


Natalie Fischer-Nagel: "Art and culture are always food for the soul, invite dialogue and enrich us all. I am very pleased to invite with Mrs. Bílková a fantastic artist to WEISSENHAUS, who will not only exhibit existing works in the studio at the Waschhaus, but will also produce new art daily live in the park.


Experience Mrs. Bíková in a personal dialogue on site in the meadows, at the castle pond or on the beach and enjoy the opportunity to see at first hand how special works of art are created, which preserve the magic of WEISSENHAUS for all times".


Veronica Bílková

is a freelance illustrator and painter based in the Czech Republic with a degree in media and didactic art from the Ladislav Sutnar University of Design and Art.


The artist's illustrations are most often in charcoal or acrylic paint. In her most recent pieces, Ms. Bílková again concentrated on a spatula painting technique, which allows her to apply a larger quantity of paint, thus emphasizing and highlighting the plasticity of the motifs in the illustration with strong contrasts of light, shadow and color. She prefers landscapes and figurative motifs as the main themes of her work. The plastic reliefs in combination with ultramarine colour tones support the depth of the artwork and its respective theme in her own special way.


She likes to spend the summer months in the Czech Republic and abroad, capturing the beauty of nature in the open air with acrylic paints on canvas. In this way, she also creates large-format pieces that cannot be regularly used in the creation of illustrations.


In the future she wishes to develop the techniques of relief painting and to perfect the creative use of tools and her personal style.




See the whole portfolio of Mrs. Bílková here.


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