impressions and artworks

In harmony with the unique natural scenery and in the historical ambience of our art studio directly at the idyllic castle pond, internationally renowned exceptional artists and extraordinary talents from the region present their impressions and outstanding to our resort guests.

WEISSENHAUS is a place of constant inspiration. A place that provokes beauty, truth and goodness and favours creative work. Following this realization, we invite you to visit the current exhibition of Maribel Brandis in the art studio in the wash house at the castle pond, marvel at the luminous art of Kathrin Geller in the castle and gentlemen´s lodge or explore the exhibits of Evelyne Brader-Frank in the park.

The Swiss artist and sculptor Evelyne Brader-Frank has been working for decades on the sculptural representation of the beauty and aesthetics of the human form. Inspired by classical sculpture, she abstracts, simplifies and idealizes the human body, creating figures of dynamic elegance. Her material: pure marble - a pleasingly valuable material. We are delighted to be able to present to you these works of art by Mrs. Brader-Frank, specially created for Weissenhaus, and wish you much pleasure in exploring the exhibits, which are placed all over the grounds.


Luminous art by the sea
Surrounded by a dreamlike natural backdrop and meditative tranquillity, the art studio of Kathrin Geller in Schleswig produces exclusive works with the finest materials. Beginning with luxurious colour lacquers, over the effective use of precious stones up to the processing of precious metals like gold or silver. Distinctive are the abstract structures as well as a sun-like and radiant powerful expression of the works, which is lent by the round Feng Shui-like form. The works therefore become ab absolute highlight of every room. Enjoy a small selection of the works in our castle and in the gentlemen´s lodge.

"Maribel Arts"
Maribel Brandis was born in Barcelona and has been living and working as a freelance artist in Bad Schwartau since 1987. The artist studied painting with none other than the Spanish artist Miquel Barneda Muñoz, the Russian painter Alexandre Ignatkov and the Swiss artist Alexandre Jeanmaire. Since 1999 she has exhibited at numerous exhibitions, such as Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Barcelona, Mallorca, Strasbourg, Milan and Luxembourg. Enjoy the multi-faceted, abstract representation of her various encounters with people, which the artist reflects uniquely in her oil paintings and enjoy the pleasure of acquiring one of her artworks. You will find her works of art in the art studio at the castle pond.


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