Jet Peel

Experience the JetPeel - Story at Weissenhaus

JetPeelTM is the first transdermal treatment procedure that is combined with absolute comfort and no downtime. On the contrary, you benefit from an absolute instant effect. Both aesthetic care and dermatological healing treatments, such as the relief of scars, can be realised with this technology.


JetPeelTM combines the know-how of modern jet propulsion technology with the high demands of contemporary skin care. The finest misty jet streams are accelerated up to ultrasound speed and applied to the skin. These powerful jet streams create micro-channels under the skin to reach the deeper subdermal areas, completely without needles or injections, without skin damage and without pain. The procedure is 100 per cent non-invasive. The molecules of this highly efficient application can be detected in your skin for up to 46 days after treatment. During the JetPeelTM treatment, the hands are included in addition to the face, neck and décolleté. This way, even small pigmentary shifts or a thin, dull complexion can be improved. Depending on the desired result and the current skin condition, our beauticians select the four most suitable combinations for you from ten different active ingredients. This innovative technology is suitable for almost every skin condition and has an improving effect on every skin texture.


60 min | 299 €

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