Hanseatic City of Lübeck

hanseatic city with historic island centre

Journey: 47 minutes / 63 km

On your tour through Schleswig Holstein's largest city, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, you will discover numerous historic town houses, charming alleys and backyards, whose colourful diversity is unique in the world today, as well as rebuilt monasteries and the famous city gates from the late Middle Ages, the "Seven Towers of the Queen of the Hanseatic League". The famous historic island centre, whose layout dates from the 12th century, is surrounded by the many waterways of the Trave and forms a multitude of idyllic riverside areas that invite you to dream. Accordingly, Lübeck is also called "Little Venice" because over 210 bridges arching over the many historic waterways in a very aesthetic way.



The house from the 13th century, which has entered world literature as the setting for the novel "The Buddenbrooks", can be found today at Mengstraße 4. It looks directly onto St. Mary's Church and was converted into a memorial "The Heinrich and Thomas Mann Centre" in 1991. As a guest of the museum, interested visitors can stroll through two permanent exhibitions "Die Buddenbrooks - Ein Jahrhundertroman" and "Die Manns - eine Schriftstellerfamilie". Furthermore, there is a floor where constantly changing exhibitions are presented, a varied programme of literary events and a library which serves as an archive and scientific research centre. As part of the EXPO in the year 2000, the Buddenbrookhaus was completely renovated and awarded the Museum Prize of the Council of Europe in 2002.



This Lübeck art museum, in the historic city centre, contains an important collection of paintings, sculptures, graphics and photographs as well as paintings of the 18th century and the classical modern age. Works of the Nazarenes and German Impressionism as well as Expressionism, but also objects of bourgeois culture from the Rococo, Classicism and Biedermeier periods are stylishly staged here. A terrace between the side wings behind the building offers a picturesque space with
a sculpture garden and pavilion.



Get to know everything about the Hanseatic League and its history in a particularly vivid way. The world's largest museum of its kind awaits you with exciting permanent and varied travelling exhibitions that turn the fascinating world of the Hanseatic League into an emotional journey through time. Take a tour and use the interactive ticket to select the topics that interest you most. The lavishly restored castle monastery and the recently opened archaeological excavation site are true highlights and give you an authentic insight into the history of the origins and the earliest settlement of the enchanting city of Lübeck.

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