Castle Eutin

grand residence at the Great Eutin Lake

The imposing complex, consisting of four segments in the style of an English landscape garden around the magnificent Eutin Castle, forms the cultural core of this relaxed district town. Tourists from all over the world visit the former court, which today is open as a museum with original furniture, medieval paintings and a variety of historical exhibits as well as a special exhibition. Today, a café and regular concerts also enliven the residence in the middle of a beautiful castle garden with a terrace that invites you to linger.

Journey: 35 minutes / 30 km

After visiting the castle, a visit to the Ostholstein Museum in Eutin is worthwhile.

The former Marstall at the castle square is now home to the Ostholstein Museum, the meeting place for art and cultural history. The existence of the museum, at that time still a museum of local history, goes back a long way. The museum was founded in 1889. Today it houses permanent exhibitions such as "Eutin during Goethe's time" or Ostholstein landscape paintings on the upper floor and changing exhibitions as well as special exhibitions on the ground floor and attic. Exhibits and writings by poets and thinkers as well as sculptures and ceramics by local artisans are on display here.

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